Why You Should Vacation With American Cruise Lines – 17

Do you want to experience the luxury of river cruising, but prefer to stay in the United States? Here’s why you should vacation with American Cruise Lines!

What is American Cruise Lines

Today we are joined by Mary Grimes of American Cruise Lines.

American Cruise Lines sails exclusively in the waterways of the United States

Family-owned and been around for about 30 years.

One unique aspect about American Cruise Lines has do do with a law that governs passenger travel within the United States. Be sure to listen to learn the fascinating details about this law.

Where American Cruise Lines Sales

  • 35 itineraries across the U.S.
  • From Portland, ME to Jacksonville, FL with coastal vessels.
  • 5 coastal vessels, 3 that sail along the eastern seaboard.
  • New England Islands, which goes through Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyards
  • Maine Coast and Harbors, from Portland, ME all the way up as far as Bar Harbor.
  • Cape Codder, round trip out of Boston and around Cape Cod.
  • The Grand New England
  • The Mid Atlantic
  • Historic South and Golden Isles
  • The Great Rivers of Florida
  • The Hudson River during September and October.
  • Ohio River and Cumberland River
  • The Complete Mississippi
  • Puget Sound

The Top Three Most Popular Destinations With American Cruise Lines

  • The Mississippi River
  • Columbian and Snake Rivers
  • Alaska, it’s a different way to see Alaska from a small ship

What are the Differences Between American Cruise Lines Vessels?


ACL ships have the largest rooms.


  • Authentic, but newly built.
  • Cruise on the Mississippi, Columbian, and Snake Rivers.
  • All balconies and staterooms are private. There is no veranda that circles the ship.

Coastal Vessels

  • Sail on East and West coasts, into Puget Sound and the San Juan Islands and into Alaska.
  • They are specially designed to handle that kind of water.

Modern Riverboats

  • Sleek Design
  • About 190 passengers
  • All private balcony
  • Gorgeous 6-story atrium in the middle.

Other Advantages of Cruising With American Cruise Lines


  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Satellite television
  • Fitness facilities aboard every ship
  • Laundry facilities aboard every ship
  • Numerous, beautiful lounges with nightly, local entertainment.
  • A Complimentary cocktail reception every evening
  • Free beer and wine with lunch and dinner
  • All gratuities are included
  • All food is locally sourced from each region, and they accommodate all dietary needs.
  • None of their vessels carry more than 190 passengers.
  • The land is never out of sight.
  • You can use your cell phone plan since you’re always on U.S. waters
  • You don’t need an additional medical plan to travel in the U.S.
  • You don’t need a passport
  • Complimentary pre-night stays for the majority of their cruises
  • Air is not shared between cabins. They have independent HVAC systems, so no shared ductwork on any of the vessels.

Life Off the Ship During Stops


  • ACL has an emphasis on history
  • Complimentary excursions as well as add-on excursions
  • Every ship every cruise has onboard experts to provide information and make the cruise fun.

Who is American Cruise Lines for?

  • Tend to be retired, very well-traveled
  • Multigenerational vacations, even though they don’t have children’s programs
  • Tend to appeal to the older generation because of the slower pace, and the cruises don’t require an overseas flight.

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Current Promotion (10/14/2020):
American Cruise Lines is currently running several promotions, including up to $1200 off some itineraries.

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