9 Common Cruise Myths (Debunked) – 25

Cruising in an incredible way to vacation, but it can get a bad rap. Today, we debunk several of the most common cruise myths.

9 Common Cruise Myths Debunked

  1. All cruises are expensive
  2. All staterooms are small
  3. Cruises are too crowded.
  4. You will only eat buffet meals on cruises.
  5. You will get sick on a cruise.
  6. When cruising you only skim the surface of a destination.
  7. Cruises are boring.
  8. Cruises are just for older travelers.
  9. All cruises are the same!

I hope these other myths have helped you to see that is not true

Next episode…choosing the RIGHT cruise for you and booking the correct way

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