Why You Should Give the Gift of Travel – 22

Trying to think of the perfect gift for that special someone or for the person who has everything? Here are the reasons why you should give the gift of travel.

Reasons why you should give the Gift of Travel

  1. Experiences > Things
  2. It’s unexpected (which is the best type of gift)
  3. Anticipation (planning/going)
  4. Memories (focus on positive right now)

Check out the reasons why travel is the best gift any time of year.

Tips for Giving the Gift of Travel

  • Don’t Wait!
  • Don’t plan the full vacation (let the recipient have some say)
  • Plan a very special aspect of the trip (that one thing…)
  • Not quite sure what to get? Book a destination tour or a travel pass (Amtrack)
  • Top Items to Buy (Before Your Theme Park Vacation)

What are Great Travel Gifts

(In general or to complement the gift of travel.)

  • A gift card that can be used (not cash card)…destination (food, shops) or part of trip (air, train, tickets)
  • Destination Gift Box
  • Guidebook
  • Travel item (passport holder, adapter, packing cubes, external battery)
  • TSA Pre-check/Global Entry (TSA $85 for 5 years, GE $100 for 5 years)

What is the best travel-related gift you’ve ever received?

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