Reasons You’ll Love River Cruising – 17

If you want to enjoy sailing into exotic ports but not ready to travel with thousands of other passengers, we’ve got reasons why you’ll love river cruising.

Reasons You Enjoy Cruising

  • Ocean cruising can be affordable
  • The convenience of having your hotel on the boat
  • Entertainment options on and off the boat
  • Visiting new cities and countries
  • Getting away and relaxing

Who Does River Cruising Appeal To?

  • Families
  • Couples
  • Multi-generational families
  • Travelers who want more time to immerse themselves into a destination
  • Travelers who want a more intimate experience
  • Those prone to motion sickness or sea sickness

What is River Cruising?

Basel Christmas Market
  • A cruise on a vessel on a river instead of the ocean
  • River cruises go through countries instead of to countries
  • Smaller ships, thus smaller cabins
  • Fewer restaurants onboard, but still dining on the ship
  • More time at port and less time on the boat
  • Generally slower pace than ocean cruising
  • More immersion into the destination ports
  • Local entertainment onboard
  • Alcohol and coffee are usually included on River cruises
  • More theming than on ocean cruises
  • Fewer passengers on the vessel and in ports
  • You can usually see land from both sides of the boat.

Reasons to love River Cruising

  • Luxury
  • Exploration
  • Fine dining
  • Picturesque views

Where are Places You Can Enjoy River Cruising?

There are more river cruising destinations than Europe!

  • In the United States
    • Hudson River
    • Mississippi River
    • Columbia River
  • Africa
  • Thailand
  • South America
  • The Nile!

What Are the Accommodations Like on River Cruise Vessels

  • Staterooms are generally designed for 2 people.
  • Wi-fi is generally included
  • Type of rooms and views, fewer inside staterooms

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