Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines Updates (with Amy Southgate) – 29

What’s going on with cruising? Who knows? Amy Southgate tells us what we can look forward to enjoying with some Royal Caribbean cruise updates.

Current State of cruising

  • Amy reviews the current state of cruising.
  • What the cruise lines are working on.
  • The goal for Healthy Return to Service (minimizing risk!)
  • How a cruise will look and feel different after they resume.

Perfect Day at CocoCay

  • The Chill side and the Thrill Side.
  • Water slides
  • Oasis Lagoon
  • Ziplining
  • Amazing views from Up Up and Away helium balloon
  • Great food

Booking Royal Caribbean

  • Can drink and wi-fi packages for the entire cruise or for the Perfect Day at Cococay (drinks won’t be included at other stops 🤔)
  • Book Cabanas in advance.
  • Differences Between Voyager Class and Freedom Class Ships
  • Entertainment on Ships
  • Great advice for a 1st-time cruiser

Understanding Keys, Cays, and Quays

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Current Promotion (as of 01/06/2021):
Royal Caribbean frequently runs promotions. Contact us to book your cruise.

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