Best Travel Tips

Got a vacation coming up and want to make sure your trip goes smoothly? We’ve got you covered. The essential travel tips to ensure a great vacation are all found in this post!

The Ultimate List of Travel Tips

Ways to Make Every Vacation Magical and Memorable

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Travel Tips for Maintaining the Ultimate Travel Mindset

Travel starts with a mindset. For me, it comes down to three key ideas…

  1. You can’t do everything that’s there on one trip!
  2. Keep your expectations in check!
  3. Always build in downtime or unplanned exploration time!

Don’t over plan!!! Even if you are at a theme park of a dream city with lots to do…have space on your schedule to allow for surprises things that pop up! You never know when you will stumble on something special you would miss if you are rushing from point A to B!

While I sometimes have to keep reminding myself to take this advice these keys help take off the pressure and help me to enjoy the time exploring and relaxing!

What’s a “must” for your travel planning mindset?

Don’t Try to Do “Everything” on Your Trip

We’re tempted to want to do everything. “Doing everything” is not the purpose of your vacation. Having an enjoyable, memorable experience is the purpose of your trip. Pick your top two or three things to do each day and leave room to improvise, explore, and savor your experiences.

Travel Tips for Tips and Fares (and Fairs)

Carry small Denominations of Currency Even if You Mostly use Credit Cards!

Here’s a common pre-trip scenario…you want to have a bit of cash for your trip (or more than a bit if you are not using a credit card) and so you head to the ATM. You get your money (usually in larger bills) and head off.

However, the first part of your trip is usually pretty tip heavy (drivers, porters, baristas, ect.) and you don’t have smaller change for tips! It is embarrassing! So, always bring some small bills or break a few bigger ones before heading off on your trips.

11 Travel Tips for When You’re Flying

11 Things to do BEFORE your next flight:
Remember these tips before the next time you get ready for your airline trip!

  1. Download the Airline App. (Get info, entertainment, and access.)
  2. Download a flight tracker
  3. Keep all your trip info together: Use a file app, digital wallet, ect.
  4. Keep track of real-time info: Gonna be late? Bad weather ahead?
  5. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate (and bring your own water bottle)!
  6. Plan ahead for your next trip by registering for TSA Pre-Check. You will thank me after you use this the first time!
  7. Check your bag size: Don’t be surprised at the gate!
  8. Bring your own food and snacks. Healthier, cheaper, and a necessity with less onboard service right now!
  9. Disinfect your area: a quick wipe down will make you feel better!
  10. Wear comfortable clothing!
  11. Know if you’re covered: Check to see if you have trip cancellation/interruption coverage with the credit card used or purchase travel protection for your trip!

(Need to know about travel protection? Reach out and we would be happy to help!)

1. Download the Airline App

The airlines’ apps have loads of valuable information:

  • Information and updates about your flight
  • You can check in for your flight and select your seat
  • Get boarding passes and skip the gates
  • Add luggage to your ticket
  • Upgrade your seat
  • Maps of airports and terminals
  • Details about your account with the airline
  • Track your bags
  • Contact customer support
  • Browse for, and book, other flights.
  • and use it for wifi on the plane (Something I never pay for. Just download podcasts and audiobooks)

All the airlines have them. Southwest, American, Delta, Spirit, Air France.  My favorite is Air France. I think because it’s cool saying, “Air France.”

As a side note, Spirit also offers great support via WhatsApp.

5 Essential Tips for Traveling with Kids

  1. Have them choose some element of the trip.
  2. Break up the trip if you’re traveling for a long time.
  3. Before your trip, get them involved by watching movies or videos about the destination.
  4. Pin a laminated slip of paper with your contact info to their shirt.
  5. Don’t ever take your kids traveling with clothing that has their name on it.

Tips for Travel Safety and Travel Security

Check out episode 35 for our huge list of travel and safety tips. That blog post and show episode include tips in the following areas:

  • Situational Awareness: Why and How You Need It!
  • The Best Clothing for Travel for Travel Safety and Security
  • Always Purchase Trip Insurance!
  • Crucial Social Media Tips for Travel Safety and Security
  • How to Protect Your Home While You’re Away
  • Hotel Considerations: I Bet You’ve Never Heard These
  • Transportation Considerations: How to Arrive Safely
  • How to Keep Yourself and Your Phone Safe
  • Destination/Park/Attraction Considerations

7 Packing Tips to Maximize Convenience and Effectiveness

  1. Check out the All Things Travel episode in which we highlight the best travel gear for 2021.
  2. Pack With Packing Cubes
  3. Separate Items With ZipLock Space Bags
  4. Pack Something to Bring Back Souvenirs In
  5. Protect Liquid Sourvenirs wtih Jet Bags
  6. Pack a 1st Aid Kit
  7. For an overnight flight, take a toothbrush in your carry-on.

Packing Gear and Items

Packing Cubes

ZipLock Space Bag

Take a duffle back with you to carry back souvenirs.

Jet bag for bottles, such as wine.

Pack a Travel 1st Aid Kit

  • Here’s my list of items to include:
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Pain and fever reducer, such as Tylenol or Advil
  • Any over the counter medicine you would take for a cold or stomach issues (a pharmacy abroad may not carry similar items)
  • Antihistamines for allergic reactions
  • Tweezers
  • Small scissors
  • A small roll of duct tape (so useful!)
  • Small ziploc baggies
  • A list of your prescriptions, in case you lose them
  • Rehydration powder like Pedialyte (flights, upset stomach, etc.)
  • Digital thermometer: Be sure to check the battery before you leave home (especially traveling during COVID-19)
  • Spare eyeglasses: Lost or broken eyeglasses will make you even more vulnerable in an unfamiliar place, so make sure you carry an extra pair.

For an Overnight Flight, Take a Toothbrush in Your Carry-on

Believe it or not, one of the first things you’ll want to do after an overnight flight is brushing your teeth. I thought my wife was crazy when she insisted on this. It was so nice brushing my teeth while waiting on our luggage to arrive at the baggage carousel.

That wasn’t why she wanted to do it, though. She wanted us to be prepared in case our luggage was lost. Even though our luggage arrived with us, that brushing of teeth was one the most delightful experiences I can remember.

4 Tips for Giving Travel as a Gift (and 4 Reasons Why You Should)

  1. Don’t Wait to Book Those Trips
  2. Don’t Plan the Entire Trip.
  3. Get Them a Travel Pass
  4. Include a Special Event in the Itinerary

Don’t Wait to Book Those Trips

You’ll have more options and will likely get a better price booking earlier. You can take advantage of current deals.

Don’t Plan the Entire Trip.

Let them have some say.

Include a Special Event in the Itinerary

Make sure there is a special something on the trip that they will want to do. Plan it later in the trip, after they’ve acclimated to the destination.

Get Them a Destination Tour

Let local experts and pros handle the details.

Get Them a Travel Pass

Give them a travel pass, such as those that AmTrack offers. , so they can decide where to go.

Reasons Why you Should Give the Gift of Travel

  1. It emphasizes experience over things.
  2. It’s unexpected.
  3. Vacation Anticipation!
  4. It creates positive memories. (It’s a future gift to yourself. [A gift to your future self?])

Check out this All Things Travel episode in which we explain all the great benefits of giving the gift of travel.

Apps for Travel

Check out this All Things Travel episode in which we round up an excellent selection of our smartphone apps for travel.


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